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Transportation Concierge Services Chicago

How Avoiding "To Do Lists" Can Be Rewarding

For most of us, a 24 hours day is never enough to check mark everything that we are suppose to do, take care of or fix. When life happens, time passes to quickly and at the end of the day, overwhelmed and tired, we go to bed hoping the next day, time will be on our side. This is a never ending story that we never seem to get ahead of. But every problem has a solution, and that is where Limo Pro Chicago comes in to help you gain more time. We can help with life, not only with your to do lists, by taking a burden off of your shoulders and giving your more time to enjoy life.

Eliminating feelings of overwhelm

Rushing from work to your child's play at school, while hitting traffic might stop you to get to the post office and mail these packages that have been sitting in the trunk since last week. Your drycleaner texted that you clothes are ready to be picket up but you didn't even have enough time last night to go over your grocery list and place an online order, so tonight is another pizza night. While your kids will appreciate it, you cannot avoid feeling frustrated and overwhelmed looking at your agenda and these ending to do lists. We know there are not enough hours in a day, and days in a week for you to get everything done. Trusting Limo Pro Chicago with everything you need to do will give you that feeling of acomplishemnet and help you find time to enjoy life, spend evenings with your family and not being in a rush at all times.

Freedom and flexibility

Limo Pro Chicago's concierge services cover a wide range of services from running your errands, pick up your order from the drycleaners, do your grocery shopping, or make sure a plumber comes as soon as possible to fix the bathroom sink. Our concierge services department is run by highly trained professional staff who knows that your time is precious and you need everything done in a timely manner. We know that there are a lot of things that you would rather do yourself, but you can trust us to take care of the rest. With Limo Pro Chicago's concierge services you gain the freedom and flexibility to focus on more personal stuff, like your kids' activities, a date night with your spouse and even plan your next family vacation. Choosing Limo Pro Chicago Concierge Services is the best investment you can make in yourself and your family.

We make it personal

Every client's needs differ, that is why at Limo Pro Chicago Concierge Services we go above and beyond to satisfy all your needs. Your to do list and errands become ours and we treat everything as if we do it for ourselves and our families. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure every errand is run according to your demands, that the groceries are picked up from your usual store. There is no other concierge services provider that gets more personal and attentive than we are. Trusting us with your needs is a privilege and having you as a satisfied client is our main goal.

Airport limo transportation services in Chicago


What is the perfect way to travel to and from or near Chicago airports?

Limo Pro Chicago provides professional airport limo transportation services in Chicago. Having a long history if satisfied costumers and a vast network of limo operators that can provide services all over the world, Limo Pro Chicago sets new standards when it comes to airport car service. If you or your company is in need for any type of airport chauffeur services, Limo Pro Chicago is the best choice you can make. Fortunately we have the latest models of airport executive cars and we can provide exquisite airport limo services for everyone, from small to large groups, VIP transportation, meet and greet and any type of car service to the airport one might be in need for.

Exquisite Limo service airport

We know that airport arrivals and departures can be consuming or tricky, especially when they are last minute decisions. A decade of experience in the field of private transportation taught us how to deal with emergency requests, make sure all our clients get to their destination on time, but above all, we most value the safety of all our clients. Limo Pro Chicago is your expert in limo service airport. With us, your ground transportation to and from any of the Chicago airports will prove to be a pleasant experience that can help you overcome any type of traveling stress or problems related to it.

Brand new fleet

Limo Pro Chicago takes pride in an impeccable fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs, luxury vans, exclusive cars and armored vehicles. Our fleet can meet all and everyone's needs. Our O'Hare car service is done by experienced and professional drivers, with access to all the necessary information related to your traveling, will be there on time to pick you up or take you to the airport with costumized signs and ready to offer you the ultimate car service to the airport experience.

Experts in logistics

Limo Pro Chicago works around the clock to ensure all our clients benefit from the best limo to airport transportation they can find in Chicago and surrounding areas. Our staff is available 24 hours for over the phone reservations or online last minute reservations. With Limo Pro Chicago you can be sure that making a reservation just a few hours before your arrival or departure will be automatically added to our schedule and you would not have to wait in the airport or worry about missing your flight. And above all, the quality of our airport chauffeur service and the comfort of our fleet will contribute to an overall top quality transportation experience. At the end of your trip you will be provided with an accurate invoice and once the payment is received, our office staff will provide you with a receipt that illustrates all charges. Choosing Limo Pro Chicago as your airport transportation provider will ensure you to a great beginning or end of your travels.

Protective transportation services in Chicago

(Including security ) for VIP and dignitaries .

This service is available only by request .

Can only be canceled one week in advance.


How Important Protective Services Really Are

We all try daily to protect ourselves from getting hurt in any way. We are paying attention while driving during rush hour, we look both ways when crossing the street and we even protect ourselves against the weather wearing sunscreen or an umbrella, depending on the forecast. We try to eat healthy and live an active life to protect our health. Everything we do has a certain amount of protection toward one self in it. Protective services for dignitaries and VIPs are no different and as important. Being a VIP means a higher level of exposure and while the world is not a scary place to be in, the extra caution is needed especially during public speeches, events and gatherings. Having the peace of mind that you are protected at all times gives you the feeling of safety you would not be able to have without a personal guard or when traveling in a non armored vehicle.

Expertise and Intelligence

Limo Pro Chicago offers protective services that include but are not limited to providing security for VIP and dignitaries, by combining a high level of expertise in the field with professional industry-leading intelligence. Our service, available on request can only be canceled one week in advance due to the implication a reliable private security service operation implies. For the past decade we have been working with highly skilled employees and have provided protective services limo and security to central figures in the workforce, famous athletes, entertainers, royal families, dignitaries and diplomats. Along with highly trained security agents we have armored vehicles available on request, for any type of secured transportation, regardless of the destination.

Why Clients Choose Limo Pro Chicago For Protective Services

At Limo Pro Chicago we know that everyone has different needs when it comes to protective services, that is why we tailor to each request by making sure we know every little detail so we can be on control of any kind of situation that we might encounter, while keeping our clients out of the harm's way, at all costs. We are flexible and prepared for any last minute change of itinerary or any other unexpected change, and we run our operations in a smooth manner, without impacting our clients' schedule. All our agents are in permanent contact and they work around the clock to monitor, report and analyze data, offering real-time alerts when necessary and are always on top of everything, making quick alterations to any protective plan, as required by last minute changed situations. With Limo Pro Chicago, you will not need to look for any solutions. Just let us know what you need and what you expect, and we will be able to come up with a plan that fits all your needs and caters to all your special demands related to your protection.  Instead of having several companies taking care of parts of your protective plan, with Limo Pro Chicago, you can have everything you need under the same contact.

Luxury transportation for demanding customers and VIP

Why Indulging in a Luxurious Way of Traveling is Worth Every Penny

Luxury is not only about the car you are traveling in or the brand of water you are being offered. Luxury is a state of being and indulging in the best there is out there makes one feel appreciated, respected and gives a sense of accomplishment that can push you toward achieving your goals and redefine what success means. Of course, the way you travel matters, but the comfort and amenities you enjoy while traveling are a game changer. A luxurious car needs to be both impeccable on the outside as on the inside. Comfortable seats and spacious interior, ultimate technology and features like Wi-Fi, TVs and refreshments give that extra touch of luxury to your traveling. When it comes to luxury car limo service Chicago, Limo Pro Chicago is the one company who redefines luxury by making sure your traveling experience is the best you ever had.

From Airport to Meetings, in Style

When it comes to luxury limousine Chicago, Limo Pro's fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs and luxury vans, exclusive rides and armored vehicles are perfect for luxury transportation for demanding customers and VIPs. While our prices are not luxurious, our fleet and our services are. Single travelers and groups up to three passengers can indulge in a luxurious transportation experience by choosing one of our luxury sedans, Mercedes Benz S550 and S 600, or, on demand, we can provide exclusive rides in Rolls Royce, Tesla p90d, Mercedes Maybach all perfect for airport transportation, VIP transfer, private aviation and even bride and groom transportation. Our fleet of Mercedes Benz S550 armored vehicles is the top choice for VIP transportation, and protective services for our most demanding clientele. For small groups, up to seven passengers, our luxury SUVs, can fit up to seven pieces of luggage and are perfect for airport pickups, road shows and any other type of transportation our clients might need. For larger groups, up to 14 passengers a luxury van is the best choice. Our Mercedes Benz Sprinters are perfect for weddings, concerts, large groups and family transfers to and from the airport, parties and corporate transportation.

Find the Perfect Link to Your Destination

There is no better link to your destination than choosing the luxury limousine service provided by Limo Pro Chicago. Besides our impeccable fleet that can fit any of your transportation needs, our highly trained office staff and professional chauffeurs make our luxury transportation Chicago services shine and deliver the most unique travelling experience for all our clients. With Limo Pro Chicago, luxury transportation is accessible not only to our most demanding and VIP clients, but to everyone who wants to indulge and add a little extra enjoyment and style in reaching their destination. Wi-Fi, leather, privacy glass and privacy windows, media controls, TVs and tablets, refreshments are must have amenities and can be enjoyed in any of our vehicles, no matter the length to your destination. Choosing us as your luxury limousine service Chicago provider will perfectly link you to your destination in comfort, style and above all, safely.

Chicago groups event transportation services

with coordinator at the site of event.


 What are the benefits of events transportation

Getting to and from private events like music festivals, screenings, premiers, conferences or even weddings and birthday celebrations can be a challenge not only for a larger group, but also for couples or single individuals. We all know that special events in our lives are meant to be enjoyed without stressing over how to get there and back home at the end of the event. Besides the how there is always a question of what type of transportation and what kind of vehicle to choose. Arriving in style is no longer limited to red-carpet events and the accesibility of a professional event transportation limo that can take care of your transportation needs is no longer a problem. Choosing a company that can take care of all your limousine transportation services before, during and after a certain event, with you being organizer or participant, is no longer demanding, since Limo Pro Chicago is here to assist you with all your event transportation limo needs.

Choosing it Right

Regardless if you are the organizer or a participant to any type of event, in order for you to benefit of an exceptional limousine transportation service, you need to choose the right company to do the job for you, At Limo Pro Chicago we pride ourselves with ten years of impeccable events transportation limo services, for all types of events, regardless of the location. Being part of the transportation industry for already a decade gives us the ability to satisfy all our clients' needs, from singles and couples, to small and large groups. If you are participating in any type of event, you only need to give us the details, including the pickup time and address and the location of the party and our professional trained personnel will take care of the rest.

On Site Coordinator

If you are the person responsible of the party and have large groups attending your event, you have come to the right place. Our services include groups events transportation with coordinator at the site of the event. The coordinator will communicate with our chauffeurs at all times, to make sure that your guest will be drooped in the right place and the right time, will be picked up at a certain hour after the party is over and taken back safely to their loggings. No matter how many people the group includes, or how many cars will be necessary, our on site coordinator will manage our team to meet all your needs and demands.

Exceptional Fleet

No matter the character of the event, formal or informal, friends gathering or red carpet, Limo Pro Chicago has an excellent fleet available for event transportation services. From regular sedans and SUVs, to executive vans, to luxury cars, exclusive rides and armored vehicles for more demanding clientele and VIPs, Limo Pro Chicago can provide impeccable events transportation services to everyone. Trust us with all your events transportation needs and reserve your vehicles today via our website or by giving us a call. Our professionally trained staff is available to help you with all your transportation needs 24/7.