Protective transportation services in Chicago (including security) for VIP and dignitaries


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This service is available only by request and can only be canceled one week in advance

How Important Protective Services Really Are

We all try daily to protect ourselves from getting hurt in any way. We are paying attention while driving during rush hour, we look both ways when crossing the street and we even protect ourselves against the weather wearing sunscreen or an umbrella, depending on the forecast. We try to eat healthy and live an active life to protect our health. Everything we do has a certain amount of protection toward one self in it. Protective services for dignitaries and VIPs are no different and as important. Being a VIP means a higher level of exposure and while the world is not a scary place to be in, the extra caution is needed especially during public speeches, events and gatherings. Having the peace of mind that you are protected at all times gives you the feeling of safety you would not be able to have without a personal guard or when traveling in a non armored vehicle.

Expertise and Intelligence

Limo Pro Chicago offers protective services that include but are not limited to providing security for VIP and dignitaries, by combining a high level of expertise in the field with professional industry-leading intelligence. Our service, available on request can only be canceled one week in advance due to the implication a reliable private security service operation implies. For the past decade we have been working with highly skilled employees and have provided protective services limo and security to central figures in the workforce, famous athletes, entertainers, royal families, dignitaries and diplomats. Along with highly trained security agents we have armored vehicles available on request, for any type of secured transportation, regardless of the destination.

Why Clients Choose Limo Pro Chicago For Protective Services

At Limo Pro Chicago we know that everyone has different needs when it comes to protective services, that is why we tailor to each request by making sure we know every little detail so we can be on control of any kind of situation that we might encounter, while keeping our clients out of the harm’s way, at all costs. We are flexible and prepared for any last minute change of itinerary or any other unexpected change, and we run our operations in a smooth manner, without impacting our clients’ schedule. All our agents are in permanent contact and they work around the clock to monitor, report and analyze data, offering real-time alerts when necessary and are always on top of everything, making quick alterations to any protective plan, as required by last minute changed situations. With Limo Pro Chicago, you will not need to look for any solutions. Just let us know what you need and what you expect, and we will be able to come up with a plan that fits all your needs and caters to all your special demands related to your protection.  Instead of having several companies taking care of parts of your protective plan, with Limo Pro Chicago, you can have everything you need under the same contact.

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