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How is an SUV Beneficial For a Small Group

When it comes to private transportation services, choosing the right car for your group is the most important step you need to take. An SUV can fit up to seven people so if your group is between four and seven, you can all travel together in an SUV. This eliminates a second car, that would have been needed if you had chosen a sedan and also helps with everyone in the group arriving at your destination at the same time. Since the trunk fits up to seven pieces of luggage, this car is perfect for longer trips, pickups and drop offs to and from the airport, and it is spacious enough to carry your musical equipment if you’re in a band performing anywhere in the country. Having everyone in the same car for longer trips also helps the group with being part of the same discussions and plan making before reaching your destination, and also saves time if you decide to stop and grab a bite on the road, since everyone is there.

Professional and Courteous

Choosing Limo Pro Chicago as your SUV private transportation service provider will ensure your travel experience will be the best you had. Our highly trained chauffeurs have excellent driving skills and years of experience, they know all the routes to take in order to avoid traffic, and they are in permanent communication with the dispatch personnel to make sure your itinerary is followed entirely or changed as the need arises. Our Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade are perfect for full family transport to and from the airport, long trips, road shows, private tours, people who travel with lots of luggage, and anyone who likes SUVs better than sedans and wants to benefit from an enjoyable ride toward their destination.

Features and Amenities

All our SUVs are equipped with WI-FI, tablets and TVs so that all our clients can answer emails, take conference calls or sit back and enjoy a movie while on the road to their destination. The privacy windows and privacy class lets you create your intimate world within your car, so that you can have a private conversation or take a nap without being seen or bothered by the cars around you. Choosing Limo Pro Chicago as your SUV private transportation provider gives you 100% guarantee of a pleasant travel experience while getting to your destination on time and above all, safely. We like to think that all our services are unique and molded on each of our client’s needs. Over the past ten years we put all our passion and efforts into making every itinerary as personal as we can by paying close attention to every little detail and making sure our clients’ needs and demands are met with professional attitude and service. Returning customers and positive reviews show us that we are doing a great job and help us push the transportation standards higher with every year, by always upgrading our fleet to the newest models and permanently training all our employees so they know how to use latest technology and gadgets for our clients’ benefit.

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