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As part of a large group, being able to travel together is the most important thing. It saves money, time and gas, because the pickup is done either from one designated location or from a couple of points instead of picking each and everyone in your group from their home. The private bus transportation is perfect for going to conferences and private parties, for surprise birthdays and weddings. The person in charge with the group can coordinate with the rest as well as with the driver and decide what pickup location is best for everyone. With a set pick-up time you won’t have to worry about hitting traffic on the way to pickup someone in your group and once everyone is in the bus, you are all ready to start your itinerary. With everyone in the group present, last minute organization is made a lot easier and no one is left aside. You can all decide, as a group what to do next, where to stop for lunch in case of a longer trip or you can discuss any other traveling related details. Another plus in choosing private bus transportation services is that you are connected at all times to the outside world, you have access to media controllers and TVs so you an sit back, listen to some music, watch a movie and just seat back and relax all the way to your destination.

Affordable and Practical

Limo Pro Chicago is the best choice you can make when it comes to private bus transportation for you and your group. With over a decade of experience in transportation services in Chicago and Chicago land area, Limo Pro Chicago’s commitment to all our clients is to raise the transportation standards while providing impeccable services at affordable prices, in comfortable vehicles so that our clients can reach their destinations, in style, relaxed and above all, safe. Choosing one of Limo Pro Chicago’s private transportation buses for your group will prove to be affordable and practical and will give you the ability to travel together, with all your luggage and belongings and reach your destination all at once.

Available at All Times

At Limo Pro Chicago we take pride in excellent customer service. Over the years we achieved great results by combining our passion for impeccable service with determination to better ourselves every day, with the desire to upgrade our fleet every year so that we can offer all our clients the ultimate travel experience no matter if you are going on a longer trip or we just pick you up from the airport or drop you off at a banquet hall for a wedding. Our staff and chauffeurs work around the clock and we are available 24/7 for reservations, bookings, questions and last minute changes to your itinerary. Choosing Limo Pro Chicago as your private bus transportation service provider will give you 100% guarantee of a service well done, will help you save time and money and will ensure you reach your destination in comfort, in time, but above all, in safety.

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